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CheeseButta™ blends together four flavorful cheeses with aromatically seasoned
butter to create a gourmet, one-of-a-kind melting spread.

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$9.99$16.99 or from $8.49$14.44 / month
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$9.99$17.99 or from $8.49$15.29 / month

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Incredibly versatile, CheeseButta™ is a delicious & satisfying addition to many of your favorite foods.

Simply spread CheeseButta™ on top or mix it in, then melt it down to release its unique, rich flavor…and enjoy!

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cheesebutta 1200x1200 new (12)FREE CheeseButta  Spreader!

Gourmet Cheese Melt made with 4 Cheeses & Seasoned Butter.

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Packaged in a tamper resistant, convenient, safe, and reusable container.
We trust you will thoroughly enjoy your CheeseButta on your favorite breads
as well as spreading the love to other favorite food items.